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This is your oppportunity to talk about yourself, your space and other Housemates who live there currently.


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Like all good friendships, they start with building trust - securely allow your new Housemate to send their money with peace of mind. No more cash in hand or direct bank transfers, allowing everyone to see where the funds are until they move in.


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What press says about us?

Answer your questions.

How much does this cost?

With a peer-to-peer subletting model, there is a 10% fee. The 10% fee is charged on the amount of the first month's rent is, e.g. based on the rent being £400.00pm, and we would charge a £40.00 fee on a successful transaction. Our service fee is deducted before payout to the sublettor for ease of payment and removes any headache on splitting the cost.

What happens if someone asks me to make the payment offline?

We were founded based on creating a secure environment for people to transact - if someone asks for offline payment, please report this to us and do not follow their instructions instead reply with #NoWayMate. Unfortunately, we're unable to intervene and help resolve issues when payments are issuesed offline due to not being able to trace the transaction. We believe our service fees are fair, and for a small cost, you can have peace of mind.

What makes Housemates different from Spareroom or Gumtree?

We're an end-to-end secure solution - all sublettors on our platform have landlord permission within their tenancy agreements and are reviewed before listed - we are built for students, by students.

Can I sublet and also use Housemates to book accommodation at different points throughout time?

Absolutely, similar to platforms such as Airbnb with our peer-to-peer subletting feature, you can switch over our lifetime from having a place to sublet, to finding a place to rent.