How To Be A Good Housemate ❤️

February 21, 2019

Your years as a student can be a peculiar time in your life, particularly at the beginning. You’ll be thrown into a living arrangement with four or more people where you will need to share both facilities and responsibilities. Believe it or not, this can be quite stressful and it’s not uncommon for arguments to break out. The trick to avoiding these types of scenarios is to be the best housemate possible and not create issues where there doesn’t need to be any. So, let’s look at some of the problems and discuss the solutions.

Keeping Things Tidy

The first piece of advice we can offer is that you do aim to keep the house tidy. You might be quite a messy person by nature which is fine as long as that mess is contained to your private area. Just don’t let it spill over into any of the of the shared living facilities like the kitchen or the living room. This is quickly going to rub people the wrong way and you don’t want that. The kitchen is a particularly important area to be careful of. There’s nothing people hate more than leftover food or dirty dishes that they need to clean up even though you left them there. You can avoid this by simply cleaning as you go and not leaving things until later. This also means that you should be helping out with your fair share of chores.

Dividing The Bills The Right Way

Another issue that you need to think about is finances. You are going to have bills to pay between you, particularly if you have moved into private accommodation with your housemates. Don’t let anyone pay for more than they should and instead make sure that the bills are paid equally as well as on time. No one should ever be left to cover the bills for anyone else and that’s exactly what can happen if there isn’t a plan in place.

Being Friendly

You should also work hard to make sure that you are friendly to your housemates. This just means that you don’t lash out at them when things go wrong in classes and that you are sociable. Don’t lock yourself in your room all day and do make sure that you enjoy activities together as a house.

Keep Things Secure

It might seem odd, but you do need to do your part to keep the house secure too. This means that doors should be locked even when you are in. Remember, it’s not just your items and belongings that are at risk if there’s a security issue.

Being Considerate

Finally, you need to make sure that you are considerate of the needs and space of other people. A great example of this would be music. Playing loud music in your room can seem fun but not if it’s disturbing other people who might be trying to study or simply sleep. It’s best to instead invest in a good pair of headphones.

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