Community Guidelines

We want Housemates to continue to be a secure environment as we grow so we’ve put together a few key points that we’re serious about. We’re certain that these guidelines will evolve over time but we feel this is a good place to start.

The Short
We want Housemates to be a secure environment that helps make the big move for students into accommodation much more comfortable and an efficient way for property owners to attract potential tenants. For us to grow, we need to ensure that because we’re a platform that brings together numerous parties of people from different ethnicities and more that everyone respects one another, this means no spam, fraudulent activity or nudity.

The Long
We're a platform that reflects diversity at its core; we bring together students, landlords, hoteliers, aparthotels and property developers. Our student users are relocating from countries around the world, and we started Housemates to make their journey less painful and more fun. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the standards of our community and not just what we want to create this year but for what we envisage for the lifetime Housemates.

Share only photos and information about the properties that you both own and the right to share.
You own your content on Housemates; this means that you shouldn’t be sharing photos of properties you don’t own or have been granted the right to share by the original owner; otherwise, you will be breaking intellectual copyright rights.

Post photos of properties that are suitable for the student target audience.
Only share properties that would be suitable for student users, this means no to-buy listings are allowed as Housemates is for rental properties only and to make sure that you have the correct licenses in place depending on the location of the property for student house shares (HMO Licenses) or Selective Licenses.

Create meaningful and genuine connections.
We don't tolerate spam, prompting of offline payments, digrimination of any kind or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent. If experience any of the points mentioned please make sure to contact us on email, Twitter @joinhousemates or via our in-app bot.

Only send or receive payments through our platform.
We want to be there to help if issues arise but unfortunately we can’t solve things which we unable to track. This means that all payments should only be sent and received via our platform allowing us to mitigate any issues if they were to arise. If a property owner is demanding payment to be made via an alternative payment method we strongly advise you to contact us immediately via email, bot or Twitter support. Alternatively, if a student is requesting for an alternative payment method outside of Housemates as a property owner, we ask that you take the same action as stated above.

We plan to keep these guidelines updated on a regular basis but if you have something which you think should be included be sure to let us know - or @joinhousemates on Twitter.

Happy Housing

Team Housemates

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