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Browse studios, apartments and houses in - filter by price and location.


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Once you’ve found the perfect place for you - time to agree on the terms and sign & transfer your deposit via our secure payment method.


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Time to pack your bags
Once the deposit has been transferred, and the landlord has accepted your reservation - all you have to do next is prepare for the student life.

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Answer your questions.

Is Housemates free to use?

We don’t charge additional service fees to students as this is against our brand values - meaning the price you see displayed on a property is the exact price you will pay.

What if I want to cancel on a property/booking?

Thanks to our payment system students can cancel bookings and receive refunds - if you experience any issues, please contact

How do deposits work on Housemates?

All student deposits are held in what is called Escrow; this means that when booking an accommodation the money is held with a trusted third-party under FCA regulation to secure everyone in the conversation.